Sculpting a Brand for an Active Lifestyle

At the heart of this transformation, initiated by the D-impulse agency, was the revisiting of the Accrosport logo. Originally solid, the logo was lightened by the introduction of contours in part of the pictogram, offering a new visual dynamic. This simplification has created a new visual identifier, the “Accrosport check”, symbolizing approval and success in achieving personal fitness goals.

Brand development

Activate your full potential

The adoption of the slogan “Life is a training” marked a turning point, repositioning fitness as an ongoing life journey rather than just a gym routine. This philosophy was at the heart of viral campaigns on social networks and bold outdoor advertising, notably to promote the ST45 campaign, which captivated the targeted audience.

The visual impact and renewed message were integrated into every aspect of brand communication, from the user journey on the new website to the design of the mock-ups developed by our team. This global rebranding not only strengthened Accrosport’s position in a saturated market, but also redefined the way the brand dialogues with its followers, encouraging them to see fitness as an essential and enriching part of their daily lives.

Today, Accrosport is more than just a place to work out; it’s a constant companion in the quest for an active, fulfilled lifestyle.


In a fiercely competitive sector, Accrosport stands out for its upmarket positioning and its ability to constantly innovate in its communications. The objective was to maintain this brand image while expanding and energizing its community. To achieve this, a graphic and editorial evolution was undertaken, redefining the brand's visuals and message to better resonate with the new codes of the fitness industry.

Client: Accrosport
Date: 10 February 2021
For: D-impulse