Every grain, a story.

As part of a rebranding initiative aimed at extending its reach even further, I had the opportunity to work with Les Torréfacteurs Français to renew their brand positioning. Our aim was to create a brand image that was both global and welcoming, capable of competing with the big names in the market while preserving its unique artisanal character.


Awaken your senses

The aesthetic developed is cosy and promotional, inviting consumers on a true sensory journey through the world of quality coffee. This approach revolves around the central concept: “Art in every bean”, a phrase that captures the essence of their craft and their passion for every detail of the roasting process.

The repositioning of the “Les Torréfacteurs Français” brand is not just a visual transformation; it’s an invitation to rediscover coffee, seen not as a simple product, but as a work of art created with care and expertise.

Les torrefacteurs français

Founded in 2016 in Rouen, Seine Maritime, by Monsieur Grégoire Meurice, Les Torréfacteurs Français is a family-run business that has rapidly established itself as a benchmark in the artisan roasting of high-quality coffees. Keen to appeal to professionals and consumers alike, Monsieur Meurice has developed a brand respected for its quality and expertise.

Client: Les Torrefacteurs Français
Date: none - pre-sale
Services: Visual identity, packaging, ads
For: D-impulse