_Hello, I’m fx.

01. Presentation

Since 20 years +,
i've been designing

I like simple, creative
and full of meaning

_let’s get right to the point

03. Skills

The most important thing is not what I do, but what we'll work

Let me help you highlight what makes your brand unique, and establish a lasting and meaningful bond with your customers.

Brand strategy

A strategic approach designed to shape perceptions and forge meaningful connections with your consumers through consistent and compelling branding efforts.

Visual Identity

Picture your unique visual toolkit packed with logos, colors, and design elements, all working together to create a powerful and instantly recognizable brand presence!

Advertising concept

Prepare to captivate your audience with a personalized blueprint for crafting compelling and memorable advertising campaigns that resonate with your target market across all platforms!

04. What’s next ?

I’ve acquired
a versatile set of skills thanks to my passion for

and builded strong collaborations

even if i love
working visually,
the most exciting part

of my job remains

_let’s work together and have fun

say hello