From field to bottle

At Landema, French and international leader in the distribution of essential oils, every detail counts, from the quality of the product to the way it is presented. Although the Landema logo had already been established, the lack of a strong visual identity was felt, particularly in the context of the launch of their e-commerce site.

Our collaboration began with in-depth creative workshops to identify and define Landema’s brand platform. This process was essential in highlighting the brand’s unique values: Grown in Conscience, Respectful in Essence. These principles reflect not only their commitment to responsible production, but also their respect for the purity of their products, “From hand to bottle”.


Visual Revolution for the Master of Essential Oils

L’identité visuelle a été méticuleusement conçue pour résonner avec ces valeurs. Les couleurs du logo ont été choisies pour leur écho aux principes de naturel et de bien-être, accompagnées d’un pictogramme personnalisé qui symbolise leur dévouement à l’artisanat et à la qualité


To amplify their online presence, we developed a set of visuals and a graphic setup for their social networks, ensuring a visual consistency that reinforces their brand. Finally, the design of their website’s user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) was entrusted to our team, ensuring intuitive navigation and an aesthetic in perfect harmony with their brand image.

Landema isn’t just a supplier of essential oils; it’s a promise of quality and authenticity, from the earth to you.


Already long recognized as an expert in essential oils in industrial circles thanks to its scientific expertise and the traceability of its products with the international groups Biolandes and Golgemma, the Landema group wanted to provide solutions for individuals and SMEs by diversifying and combining its marketing and visual approach.

Client: Biolandes
Date: 3 August 2022
Services: Brand strategy, visual identity, socials, packaging, ads,Ui/Ux
For: D-impulse