Reinventing Life Usufruct for a Secure Future

After in-depth analysis and benchmarking, we redefined the brand strategy for each target group, adapting the tone and visual design to better meet their specific expectations. The aim was to transform the perception of life usufruct, presenting it not as an end in itself, but as an opportunity to build a better future for “young people” aged 60 to 70.

Brand strategy


The new positioning focuses on the idea of “Building the future of real estate dedicated to young people”, highlighting the advantages of this model for a comfortable, worry-free retirement. The revised concept now reflects a future and serenity, reconceptualizing life usufruct as a wise and reassuring choice.mquost, ium inverum quas idunt, cora volorunt ommodicit earit lab in perioreres re vendandae eosa doles core, sitaquam fugitium aspicia tectiae prem audi doluptatemo culluptatur, sum, sedi blaccab oribus magnim

With Révéa, a new way of looking at property is taking shape. We’re committed to accompanying younger people into a more comfortable and serene retirement, redefining the norms of usufruct for a new generation.


Révéa, in the midst of developing its usufruit viager concept, faced major challenges, not least a communication strategy that was not effectively reaching its various targets: sellers, buyers and prescribers. The initial concept, too closely associated with the negative aspects of end-of-life and non-transferability of assets, required strategic repositioning.

Client: Révéa
Date: 23 January 2024
For: D-impulse