Innovative Communication for Revolutionary Weaning

My team and I had the privilege of collaborating with Nosmo to develop a series of graphic and advertising solutions tailored to their social media strategy, digital marketing and outdoor advertising. Our goal was to build brand awareness and public understanding of this new therapy.

Visual strategy

Breathe in freedom

We’ve created eye-catching advertising campaigns that capture the public’s attention while informing about the unique benefits of StopSmokingTherapy®. Using powerful visuals and hard-hitting messages, these campaigns are designed to arouse interest and encourage smokers to consider this innovative method.

Start your journey to a smoke-free you.

For social media, I developed a graphic setup that aligned with the various headings of Nosmo’s media strategy. Each post was carefully designed to reflect the tranquility, freedom, and vitality that therapy promises, reinforced by imagery rich in natural, breathable elements.

Take the first step

The creative ads we designed aimed to link the image of the newfound freedom of weaned smokers with visuals evoking breathing and nature, underlining the positive transformation the therapy aims to induce. The color mint, chosen for its association with freshness and renewal, was gradually integrated into all visuals, establishing a consistent and recognizable visual identity for Nosmo.

As a result, Nosmo was able to effectively launch its StopSmokingTherapy® on the market, with a visual and narrative presence that resonates with its target audience. The project not only increased the brand’s visibility, but also played a key role in promoting this revolutionary therapy.


Nosmo, an innovative Swiss healthcare company, recently launched its StopSmokingTherapy®, a comprehensive, integrative method designed to help individuals quit smoking. This therapy, which addresses both the physiological and behavioral aspects of smoking cessation, needed a communications strategy to match its innovation.

Client: Nosmo
Date: 10 September 2022
Services: Social graphic setup, ads
For: D-impulse