First step

Savor history, sip innovation

My intervention began with a redefinition of the visual identity to encapsulate both tradition and modernity. We developed a double-edged communication strategy:

  • Reassuring, by staying close to the visual codes and values associated with their traditional Calvados, to reassure their historic clientele.
  • Striking, by deliberately breaking with these same codes to appeal to a younger audience, attracted by new approaches and experiences in line with their new ranges.


Heritage and innovation in every drop.

Efforts were concentrated around Busnel’s website and social networks, where we were able to deploy a series of innovative visuals and captivating advertising campaigns. These new contents aim to highlight the distillery’s reinvented product ranges and unique experience, beyond the simple in-store purchase.

The slogans “Le Calvados Autrement” and “Distillé avec amour et fierté” reflect this new approach, inviting consumers to rediscover Calvados through a prism of modernity and authenticity.
The Busnel distillery thus positions itself as a bridge between heritage and innovation, offering a renewed experience that respects tradition while embracing the future.


Faced with changing consumer expectations, the Busnel distillery, renowned for its historic expertise in the creation of Calvados, wanted to modernize its brand communications. The aim was to reach a wider audience, while remaining true to the essence of what has made its reputation.

Client: Distillerie Busnel
Date: 7 April 2022
Services: Ads, socials
fOR: D-impulse