Natural purity, authentic beauty.

This project was an opportunity to rethink Sanoléo’s external communications, with particular emphasis on its presence on social networks, where it needs to shine.

Art direction

Harmony of nature, science of beauty.

Art direction was a meticulous exploration of luxury codes, transcribed through a minimalist design that echoes Sanoléo’s ethical principles. The duality of the typefaces, combining serif and sans-serif, adds a touch of finesse and femininity, capturing the essence of the brand.Visually, I was able to work with my team on extensive moodboard phases to define the best balance between tones, images, textures, and lighting ambiances, key elements of Sanoléo’s identity. The result is a visual identity that communicates purity and efficiency without compromise.

On Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, our approach was to create daily interactions with the Sanoléo community, offering relevant advice and sharing essential information that builds consumer engagement and loyalty. Each post is an opportunity to celebrate “Naturality and dermo-cosmetics”, the slogan that encapsulates Sanoléo’s mission.Sanoléo isn’t just a brand; it’s an experience that enriches the beauty routine with awareness and elegance.


Based in Toulouse, France, the Sanoléo brand has established itself as a benchmark in the world of natural cosmetics. Respectful of the health of its customers and the environment, Sanoléo designs products enriched with plant extracts from organic farming, with much higher than average concentrations of active ingredients.I had the privilege of supporting Sanoléo in the definition and implementation of its brand base.

Client: Sanoléo
Date: 7 September 2022
Services: Brand strategy, visual identity, socials
For: D-impulse