The spirit of victory on every jersey.

For the 2018/2019 season, the agency was honored to collaborate with this iconic team on the graphic design of its jersey, as well as the development of poster campaigns and Instagram posts during the Magnus Cup finals. This project was an opportunity to merge tradition and modernity, capturing the fighting spirit and dynamism of the Rouen Dragons.


Experience field hockey Rouennaise-style.

The jersey design incorporated bold, contemporary graphic elements while respecting the team’s historic colors. The aim was to create a design that would inspire both players on the ice and fans in the stands. The visuals for the poster campaigns and Instagram posts were designed to maximize fan engagement, using powerful imagery and captivating messages that celebrate the prowess and passion of the Rouen Dragons.

The result was a significant increase in visibility and engagement around the team during crucial moments of the season, helping to strengthen the bond between the Dragons and their fan community. The new jerseys and visual campaigns not only honored the club’s heritage, but also marked the start of an exciting new chapter for the Dragons de Rouen.

The Dragons de Rouen continue to shine, equipped to face the future with as much determination and style as ever.

Rouen Hockey Elite

Rouen Hockey Élite 76, affectionately known as the Dragons de Rouen, is an institution in the world of French ice hockey. Playing at the highest level, in the Ligue Magnus, the team is not only one of the most successful in France, but also a pillar of the sporting scene in Rouen, Normandy. With eighteen national titles to their credit and a consistent presence at the top since 1985, the Rouen Dragons represent excellence and perseverance in sport.

Client: Rouen Hockey Elite
Date: 14 May 2019
Services: Ads, signage, socials, print