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Visual Rebranding

One of the main tasks was to modernize Vert Marine’s visual signature. Without changing the historic logo, dear to the management, we improved the balance of colors and typography to refine the brand’s identity. This renewed focus preserved the essence of Vert Marine while giving it a more contemporary and accessible look.

Social networks

We also redesigned Vert Marine’s presence on social networks. The aim was to stimulate employees’ creativity while respecting the company’s codes. This initiative has encouraged freer, more personal expression, increasing internal and external engagement.


More than a sport, a passion

Internal news

The creation of an in-house newspaper was another key step, aimed at strengthening employees’ sense of belonging. This communication channel helped to unite teams around the Group’s activities and news, reinforcing internal unity and cohesion.

White Paper and Corporate Communications

To mark Vert Marine’s 20th anniversary, we produced a historical white paper, documenting the group’s successes and challenges. At the same time, we redefined the corporate communications identity for external media, ensuring a consistent and professional presentation to all the communities in the towns hosting our centers.

These combined efforts have not only solidified Vert Marine’s position as a leader in its field, but have also cultivated a more dynamic and committed brand, ready to sail into the future of leisure and sport in France.

Vert marine

During my ten years with Vert Marine, a leading provider of delegated public services for aquatic and sports facilities, I had the opportunity to steer and redefine the brand's communications strategy. Vert Marine, which manages an impressive network of centers welcoming over 11 million people annually across France, needed to evolve its image to stay ahead in a competitive sector.

Client: Vert Marine
Date: 9 June 2019
Services: Visual identity, print, signage, socials, motion design
For: Vert Marine